Heavy Duty Equipment Carrier



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Product Description

Model Capacity* Base Weight Deck Length Axles
HDI30-22 30,000 6900 102 22' ..........CA 138-160 ........ CT118-139
HDI30-22 Factory Installation XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX
HDI30-24 30,000 7150 102 24' .........CA 148-182 ........ CT128-161
HDI30-24 Factory Installation XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX
HDI30-26 30,000 7360 102 26' .........CA 172-202 ........ CT152-181
HDI30-26 Factory Installation XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX
HDI30-28 30,000 7520 102 28' .........CA 194-226 ........ CT174-205
HDI30-28 Factory Installation XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX


Photos may show optional equipment



Capacity: 30,000 lb Over Full length of Deck
Features: Deck and Subframe (Powder Coat Black)
Features: Stake Pockets and Double Keyhole (Gotchas) Tie Downs on 12" centers
Features: Recessed Chain Storage Area at Front of Deck
Features: Stabilizer Leg-Independent, Hydraulic
Features: Hydraulic PTO/Pump, Oil Resevior
Headboard: Full Height Frame Mounted Steel Cab Protector
Winch: 12,000 lb Hydraulic Worm Gear w/ 85' 1/2" Cable
Tool Box: One Tool Box Curbside w/ Paddle Latch and Lock 23"Wide X 15" High X 23" Deep
Crossmembers: 3" Jr. I Beam on 12" Centers
Decking: 1 3/8" Apitong Wood
Lights: FMVS Light Group w / Midship Mounted Turn Signal

Specifications subject to change without notice.

*Indicates dimension may change due to options indicated.


20,000 Worm Gear in lieu of Std.
Remote Control for Winch (Street Side)
- Factory Installation $120.00
Wireless Remote Control Full Function
- Factory Installation $295.00
Cable Roller Guide 12,000 or 20,000 lb winch
- Factory Installattion $50.00
Halogon Work Light at winch
- Factory Installation $65.00
Tie Down "D" Ring at Winch (Bolt-on)

Hydraulic Independent Stabilizer Leg Standard
Ag Style Hitch w/ 4 Prong Electrical Outlet (Double Clevis) or a Ball Hitch (Ball not included)
- Factory Installation $60.00
Pintle Hook Eye (15,000 lb) w / 4 Prong Electrical Outlet
- Factory Installation $60.00
5,000 Independent Towbar w / 4 Prong Electrical Outlet
- Factory Installation $455.00
5,000 lb Independent Wheel Lift w / 4 Prong Electrical Outlet
- Factory Installation $490.00

1/8" Steel Tread Plate over Treaded Pine Decking
22' Bed
24' Bed
26' Bed
28' Bed
6" Crossmember Spacing in lieu of Std
22' Bed
24' Bed
26' Bed
28' Bed
Lighting Options
Two Halogen Work Lights Bulkhead Mounted
- Factory Installation $120.00
MX 7000 4-RT,T,T Light Bar
- Factory Installation $115.00
Two Halogen Work Lights, Wheel Lift
- Factory Installation $60.00

Left Side Tool Box (23X15X23)
- Factory Installation $80.00
Live Hydraulic Quick Couplers at Rear
- Factory Installation $155.00
4, 6 or 7 way Electrical Outlet at Rear
- Factory Installation $120.00
Air Brake Glab Hands at Rear
- Factory Installation $120.00
Dual Hydraulic Controls
- Factory Installation $80.00
Remote Throttle Control Cable
- Factory Installation $80.00
Air Shift PTO in lieu of Std.
Delete Standard PTO
Delete Standard Pump
Recessed Tie Down "D" Rings (not available on 6" crossmembers)
Ratchet Winch for 4" Nylon Straps
- Factory Installation $60.00
Two step Ladder at Front of Deck
- Factory Installation $50.00/each
Removable Side Rails
- Factory Installation $60.00
96" Wide Deck option "NOT AVAILABLE"
Special Color Request in lieu of Stanard Powder Coat Black (Acrylic Urethane)

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