Landoll Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer of specialized equipment transport trailers.  We provide high quality trailers ranging from 5 to 60 ton capacity.  These ground loading trailers service many industries including Towing & Recovery, Construction, Agriculture, Rental, Forklifts, and Storage Containers.

Our extensive dealer network covers the United States, Canada and Europe to support your transport needs.  Your local Landoll dealer is trained to deliver service and maintain original Landoll parts in inventory.

Don Landoll manufactured his first trailer in 1969 for the purpose of solving a transport problem for one of his customers.  We continue that core value yet today, by utilizing our experience in design and manufacturing of custom features installed on our standard trailer frame.


  • Traveling Axle Trailers

    Landoll traveling axle trailers feature low angle ground loading with one-man operation and capacities of 25-55 tons.

  • Detachable Gooseneck Trailers

    Landoll Detachable trailers feature a patented gooseneck for simple operation. Very low deck height - capacities from 25 to 60 ton.

  • Traveling Tail Trailers

    A whole new hydraulic tail trailer- take a look at Landoll traveling axles on the 900 series tail trailers.

  • Bottom Dump Trailers

    Landoll manufactures the Ultralite series of bottom dump trailers that feature low tare weights and capacities to 21 cubic yards.

  • Non-Hydraulic Trailers

    Landoll's Fixed Gooseneck Beavertail trailers offer an affordable yet lighter four-beam trailer design that places a major beam close no matter where you park your equipment.

  • Car Trailers / Carriers

    Landoll manufactures highly specialized Car Trailers and Rollback Carriers primarily used for transport of salvage vehicles.

  • Utility Tag Trailers

    Landoll line of high-end utility tag trailers range from fully rated 10,000 to 14,000 lb capacities. Top of the line features and powder coat paint are standard.

  • Industrial Tag Trailers

    Industrial tag trailers manufactured by Landoll feature lower deck height with pierced main beams and standard powder coat paint finish and other high-end features.

Landoll Non-Hydarulic Trailer Model 135B
Landoll Non-Hydraulic Trailer Model 150B
Landoll Hydraulic Trailer Model 300B
Landoll Bottom Dump Trailer Model 302C-B
Landoll Bottom Dump Trailer Model 302D-B
Landoll Bottom Dump Trailer Model 305D-B
Landoll Hydraulic Trailer Model 317D
Landoll Hydraulic Trailer Model 318D
Landoll Detachable Trailer Model 326C
Landoll Detachable Trailer Model 327C
Landoll Detachable Trailer Model 329C
Landoll Hydraulic Trailer Model 330C-1
Landoll Hydraulic Trailer Model 330C-2
Landoll Car Carrier Model 334D
Landoll Car Carrier Model 336D
Landoll Hydraulic Trailer Model 340A
Landoll Hydraulic Model 342
Landoll Hydraulic Trailer Model 345E
Landoll Dolly Trailer Model 402B-B
Landoll Hydraulic Trailer Model 425B
Landoll Hydraulic Trailer Model 440
Landoll Hydraulic Trailer Model 455
Landoll Detachable Trailer Model 825D-AG
Landoll Detachable Trailer Model 835D Construction Series
Landoll Detachable Trailer Model 835D-AG
Landoll Detachable Trailer Model 855C Construction Series
Landoll Model Heavy Duty Equipment Carrier
Landoll Industrial Tag Trailer Model L2024
Landoll Industrial Tag Trailer Model L2024HD
Landoll Inudstrial Tag Trailer Model L4024
Landoll Industrial Tag Trailer Model L5029
Landoll Utility Tag Trailer Model LT1016
Landoll Utility Tag Trailer Model LT1016+4
Landoll Utility Tag Trailer Model LT1020
Landoll Utility Tag Trailer Model LT1216+4
Landoll Utility Tag Trailer Model LT1220
Landoll Utility Tag Trailer Model LT1420
Landoll Model Roll Back Carrier Trailer

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