XL Hydraulic Multi-Axles



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Product Description

XL Specialized Trailers works with customers to develop multi-axle solutions for any hauling need. With our variety of Jeeps, Power Boosters (Nitrogen Stingers), Boosters and Flip Axles, we custom-engineer a multi-axle trailer set-up just for you.

Boosters for both East Coast and West Coast set-ups

From a Joe Dog to a 3 Axle Jeep, this addition to the front of your trailer distributes the weight evenly, to handle a wider range of loads

The XL Power Boosters (Nitrogen Stingers) boast hydraulic systems which help scale the load over more axles evenly

An XL Flip Axle is an easy solution for adding an axle when necessary, with the ability to flip it onto the rear deck when it is not needed

Capable of lifting Flip Axles completely off the ground to allow trailer to reverse, decrease turning radius and easily avoid obstacles

XL’s new premium paint process, featuring sandblasting, includes a full 1 year warranty

D.O.T. approved 12V sealed Grote harness with 7 year warranty

Always striving to surpass market standards, all new XL products feature a 5 year structural warranty

XL’s one piece construction results in stronger products. Trailer I-beams are made from one piece web and flange and then welded on all sides

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